About us

Bishop Charles Kwalia

I was born on 5th April 1965, in a remote area near Mt. Elgon, to a humble family that faced financial struggles. Despite the hardships, I managed to reach Form Two in my education. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, I couldn’t continue my studies, but a stroke of luck led me to join the Kenya Defence Force (KDF).

Life took a dark turn during my time in the military. I lost sight of what truly mattered, indulging in reckless behavior and squandering my earnings on worldly pleasures. However, everything changed on a significant day – 20th November 1989. A friend invited me to a crusade led by Rev. Wairimo Nelson at Uhuru Park in Nairobi. During the event, a prophetic message spoke directly to me, urging me to serve God. At first, I resisted, but a life-threatening incident in the North Eastern province opened my eyes to a profound vision.

In this vision, I saw a map of Africa, and a voice called me to pray for other African countries. Despite my initial reluctance, the calling persisted, leading me to seek guidance from Pastor Margaret Wanjiro of Jesus Alive Ministry. From that moment, my life transformed. I embraced forgiveness, repented of my sins, and discovered a renewed purpose in serving the Lord.




Founded out of personal experience

Now, I stand as a changed man, married with a home, and filled with hope in Christ Jesus. My conscience is clear, and my behavior attracts others to the path of righteousness. As a Pastor in the village of Matumbei, on the slopes of Mt. Elgon, I face various challenges like illiteracy and harmful cultural practices like F.G.M. I am devoted to educating the community, offering counseling, and advocating for positive change.

In this marginalized area, I care for 400 orphans and twenty-four young girls who fled their families to avoid F.G.M.’s cruel fate. My vision for the future includes establishing a children’s home, a rescue center for girls who dropped out due to F.G.M., a community counseling center, a clinic, and a home for the elderly.

Despite the difficulties, I remain steadfast in my dedication to help the Orphans, Widows, and Aged in my community. With the support of fellow believers and compassionate individuals, we can make a meaningful impact on their lives.

Praise be to God for the vision that led me to establish Face Of The Lamb Ministry International! My goal is to reach the unreached and support vulnerable children and the elderly. Leaving the military was a testament to my commitment to fulfilling God’s purpose for my life. My desire is to change lives, provide education, shelter, healthcare, and more to those in need.

I am grateful for the support of our President, Dr. Rev. Captain Buddy Bizzill, and others who have assisted with food, clothes, school fees, medical care, and more. I seek kind-hearted well-wishers to help us build a modern school and continue our mission.

These children and young orphans are the future leaders of the church and their families. Together, let’s bring hope, love, and a brighter future to those who need it most. May God continue to guide us on this journey.

With prayers and gratitude,

Bishop Charles Kwalia
Mt Elgon Grace First Southern Baptist Church
Trinity Biblical Institute Endebess Campus
Face Of The Lamb Ministries International
Face Of The Lamb Children’s Home
Face Of The Lamb Elderly Home

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide hope, love, and support to vulnerable children who have lost their parents to HIV/AIDs-related diseases. We are determined to be a beacon of light in their lives and offer them a chance for a brighter future